24Shells Superior SLA ( Service Level Agreement )


24Shells, Inc. understands the time critical importance of asset availability. We make every effort to ensure that your services are accessible to you and your clients 100% of the time. Below you will find comprehensive SLA documentation which is supplement to our hosting terms of services.

100% Network Uptime Guarantee 

The 24Shells, Inc. network is designed with full redundancy at all levels, allowing us to extend a 100% uptime guarantee to all our clients.


24Shells Uptime

SLA Credit

100% 0%
99.9% 10%
99.8% 20%
99.7% 30%
99.6% 40%
99.5% 50%
99.4% 60%
99.3% 70%
99.2% 80%
99.1% 90%
Below 99.0% 100%

100% Power Uptime Guarantee

24Shells facilities are fully N+2 redundant backed by 32 Diesel Generators. Our infrastructure backs our ability to guarantee that you will never experience power outage with us. 



24Shells Power Uptimee

SLA Credit

100% 0%
99.9% 10%
Below 99.8% 100%

Hardware Replacement Guarantee

At any point of time if your 24Shells Dedicated Server experiences hardware failure, we will guarantee immediate replacement. We will guarantee you component replacement within 3hours of identifying the point of failure.


Hardware SLA Credit Chart

Hardware Replacement Guarantee

SLA Credit

3 Hours or Less 0%
Over 4 Hours and up to 8 Hours 20%
Over 8 Hours and up to 12 Hours 40%
Over 12 hours and up to 16 Hours 60%
Over 16 Hours and up to 20 Hours 80%
Over 20 Hours 100%


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