Company overview

24Shells, Inc. is a global provider of business and open internet infrastructure. Thousands of customers look to us to deliver the most robust and cost effective infrastructure solutions for their IT needs. Our product portfolio ensures that we can meet those needs quickly and efficiently with a flexibility seldom offered by our industry competitors. Dedicated servers, private and public clouds, virtual private servers, award winning infrastructure virtualization, IP transit, and fanatical support help us to provide every customer with the platform that meets their every demand constantly.


24Shells, Inc. operates its own SAS type II audit credited datacenter facility in New Jersey and is a wholly owned US company.


Financial Overview

24Shells, Inc. is a privately owned company which was established in 2003. The high level of service which we offer to our customers has ensured our rapid growth within a demanding industry. 24Shells has the financial backing to maintain its expansion.

The 24Shells Advantage

24Shells, Inc. is a customer-centred company. Our foundations are based on the professional and personalised relationships which our customers benefit from. Today we can proudly say that we have many clients who have been with us for more than ten years, clearly demonstrating our consistent stability, reliability and customer service.


We have designed our services, products and packages in ways which are suitable for all and are continually evolving and improving our infrastructure to provide a consistent level of flexibility that enables our clients the technical freedom to quickly and easily make wholesale changes whenever required, within minutes.




The great service and outstanding customer support that everyone was talking about. The services offered by 24Shells enabled our business to expand, increase profitability and acquire new clients. Such outstanding service and support every other hosting company should look up to provide.

Ivan Petrusevski - MKHOST

24Shells satisfies client needs quickly and efficiently through a range of cost-effective infrastructure solutions. And the customer-centric company nurtures clients through personalized, flexible packages that grant them the freedom they need to make necessary changes within minutes

Christine Preusler -

Our relationship with 24Shells has been great, and the service level has been above excellence. We simply can't operate at any level less than 100% with our email servers. The quick response and technical expertise of 24Shells sales and support staff, offers excellent options for our business needs.

Fadi Hussein

Data protection

Premium Backup and Protection
  • 100% Uninterupted Reduntant Servers
  • FTP backup option
  • 100 Gigabits per seccond speed
  • RAID configuration for better perfomance


24/7 Online Premium
  • Managed Services Included
  • Personailised Support
  • Emergency Phone Support

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