Premium Colocation in New Jersey

Make 24Shells Inc. the home of your business infrastructure. Relocate your critical assets to our world class purpose built facility and reduce your running costs across the board from hardware maintenance to power and network. Our best-in-class technicians are on hand 24 hours a day to help solve issues from firewalls to routers and switches. All this AND a 100% network and power SLA guarantee.

Below you will find our Colocation Hosting plans which compare space and the features of each plan per Unit, Power, Bandwidth and other features.

1U Single Server Colocation 1A at 208V 20TB Piscataway, NJ $79.99/mo Order now
2U Single Server Colocation 2A at 208V 20TB Piscataway, NJ $159.99/mo Order now
4U Single Server Colocation 4A at 208V 20TB Piscataway, NJ $299.99/mo Order now
1/4 Rack (14U of Open Frame Rack) 12A at 208V 20TB Piscataway, NJ $699.99/mo Order now
1/2 Rack (29U of Open Frame Rack) 20A at 208V 50TB Piscataway, NJ $1099.99/mo Order now
Full Rack (59U of Open Frame Rack) 30A at 208V 100TB Piscataway, NJ $1999.99/mo Order now

Customized Colocation Solutions Contact our Sales Team today!

Remote Hands

24Shells offers an excellent all-in-all Remote Hands Service. It is the convenient way to get simple tasks done without the need to drive all the way down to our data center. All you have to do is to pick up the phone or write an email to our technicians and let them know what needs to be done and our designated technician will physically go to your server and perform the task that you need completing.

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