cPanel Dedicated Servers Hosting From 24Shells

cPanel dedicated servers with fully managed services are one of the most popular dedicated servers for web hosting servers in the hosting industry today. Millions of websites across the internet are today powered by the cPanel hosting control panel. The easy to use interface of WHM and cPanel makes it one of the most preferred control panels by hosting providers, business servers, personal hosting and first time users. An extensive list of features provides you with the means to easily and quickly manage every aspect of your hosting requirements. Its limitless potential and vast scalability makes it the most attractive management product in the hosting industry today. If scalability, ease of use and advanced hosting features is what you are looking for, then cPanel is the choice for you.

cPanel can be added to any of our dedicated servers packages. We have also prebuilt Managed cPanel dedicated server packages for your convenience



Top Features


Dedicated servers always include 24/7 support. Our quality team ensures to keep your infrastructure running.


Our support team takes care of your total infrastructure – from network to hardware.

Guaranteed SLA

All our servers come with immediate hardware replacement and a 100% network uptime guarantee.

High performance

Our dedicated servers ensure consistent network and hardware performance.

Top class Data Center

Our servers are hosted in our top class data center, with redundant power supplies and 100% network availablity.

Rapid Deployment

To get your servers up fast, our servers are based on standard configurations. For any customization, feel free to contact us.