Windows Dedicated Servers Hosting From 24Shells

Dedicated Windows servers are very popular in the hosting industry. They have their own marketplace and uses where others can not reach. However, with Windows comes licensing costs. At 24shells we pay these for you when you order a dedicated server with Windows saving you upto $480/year. This helps ensure that you do not have to compromise on your technical requirements due to operating costs. We will always do our best to help reduce your costs wherever possible when you sign up with 24shells.

Windows operating system can be selected when ordering any of our dedicated server packages. These packages are built with a choice of Windows operating systems.


Top Features


Dedicated servers always include 24/7 support. Our quality team ensures to keep your infrastructure running.


Our support team takes care of your total infrastructure – from network to hardware.

Guaranteed SLA

All our servers come with immediate hardware replacement and a 100% network uptime guarantee.

High performance

Our dedicated servers ensure consistent network and hardware performance.

Top class Data Center

Our servers are hosted in our top class data center, with redundant power supplies and 100% network availablity.

Rapid Deployment

To get your servers up fast, our servers are based on standard configurations. For any customization, feel free to contact us.