Our relationship with 24Shells has been great, and the service level has been above excellence. We simply can’t operate at any level less than 100% with our email servers. The quick response and technical expertise of 24Shells sales and support staff, offers excellent options for our business needs. Over the years our relationship with 24Shells has only expanded by adding more servers to host our parent company Proclad Group, FTV Proclad (U.A.E) and FTV Proclad (Singapore). We rely on 24Shells to ensure smooth running of our business internet communication systems.

Fadi Hussein




I was referred by a friend to you when my hosting ended with a prior site. I've been VERY SATISFIED with the kindness and promptness of returned messages. I'm a beginner in web design, if I ever have a question, problem or issue, Tushit has been there with a quick e-mail or call to fix the problem, I don't know what I would do without him he's the BEST!

I DO recommend you guys, as a matter of fact, you're/will be hosting several new clients for me.

Thanks a bunch for EVERYTHING! I LOVE 24shells!

Sherrie St. James




We moved our servers with 24Shells from datapipe in yearly 2005, since than we have never looked back. The level of customer service and communication is one of the strongest points we have noticed over the years. So far we haven’t faced single outage with our servers.
We have been recommending 24shells to our customers and would recommend them to anyone.

Ashesh Shah 




The great service and outstanding customer support that everyone was talking about. The services offered by 24Shells enabled our business to expand, increase profitability and acquire new clients. Such outstanding service and support every other hosting company should look up to provide.

Ivan Petrusevski




Have been with 24Shells for many years and always have had immediate and prompt replies, situations solved quickly and are always helpful and never had a day’s problem. 24 Shells is continuously up and running, never down time or dead air which is very important especially for my radio station and listeners and 24Shells is very dedicated to their clients.

I think 24Shells is very helpful and helps my radio station to be heard around the entire world. I would and have recommended 24Shells many times to many other radio stations that stemmed from mine. 

You are always prompt, courteous, friendly, and quick to resolve any problems, easy to contact and work with and 24Shells has all our needs under one roof. I am very glad I stayed and chose 24Shells, they make this job of love of mine so much easier. Thank you again for being as good as you are and will keep looking for more things that your company 24Shells will be able to provide us all with that will be beneficial to my radio station and all others who need servers, hosting and domains plus so much more. Thank you again for being as good as you are.

Stephanie Sles




This is longest I have been with a hosting company. It is cheap, stable, friendly, and fast tech support. Just the way I like it. Fast and reliable services, one of the best in the industry.

Although you can’t really tell from the website, it’s like a diamond in the rough. A hidden jewel. =)

Brendon Moy



The factors that encouraged me to choose 24shells as my hosting service provider are: it's cheap, reliable, good and fast support, all in one place, easy to use panels and the professional service.

I believe that 24shells is working very hard to help their costumers with every single problem or need, and they do that very fast. It is contributing to my objectives by helping me servicing my costumers faster and with advanced tools and stuff on the market. The costumers love the changes I can do fast and good thanks to 24shells.

I'm using 24shells as my hosting services provider for more than 4 years. I tried several hosting providers before, but none of them were as good as 24shells. It's very cheap for a great plan of hosting, the speed is great, and the tools I can use (while don't know programming or English very good) makes it much easier to service your costumers in the best way there is. And the most important thing for people like me (don't know a lot about programming, unix or website building) the support is great, and helps you to make your website a lot better, with solutions to problems and things you want.

Zion Ayooki



I've been with you for so long, is hard to remember. We were looking for someplace established, responsive, discrete, and stable.

The operators seem to have a rapport with a many datacenters and quickly find flexible cost effective solutions to meet our various needs. Issues seem to get resolved quickly as possible, as things are going to come up with and service provider it is nice to know you can get things taken care of when they do. Twice in the past when we've needed to upgrade to faster servers or datacenters the process went quite smoothly.

Great, we've been with 24Shells for nearly 3 years now, and while have looked at other options (sorry, its the prudent thing to do :p) keep going back.

Isabella Lindquist



Factors that encouraged us to choose 24shells are continuous supply of services, stability and rock solid servers. Support is available 24/7, he is just a phone call away. 24Shells services have helped our business communication, since we deal a lot through emails. All our emails reach in time and my clients like the speed of our website, thanks to 24shells. Friends I would strongly recommend you to go with 24shells as these people take care of you as a mother takes care of her child. You can always be care free about your credit charges they support you with money also and service of servers is very stable thanks Tushit for such great support.

Raunaq Singh



24shells might be a tad bit more expensive than a lot of other hosting companies out there, but the good thing about them is the part where I've never had a downtime related problem in over 4 years now. The downtime is so little that you wouldn't even notice it. You wouldn't need anything more from your host, isn't it? 

AWESOME SERVICE, reliable and worry free! I love these guys and so would you.

Anup Menon


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